Logitech gaming software anti afk macro

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Logitech gaming software anti afk macro

Getting started with a keyboard or gaming mouse in Automatic Game Detection mode. Getting started with a gaming mouse in On-Board Memory mode. Add delays to a macro Inserting delays within macro events allows you to accommodate for latency and the time required to complete in-game actions.

For example, if a certain in-game action requires 2 seconds to complete, you have to add a delay so the macro waits 2 seconds before executing the rest of the sequence. You can automatically add delays between your keystrokes by selecting the Record delays between events checkbox below the Keystrokes section. However, you have to manually add delays between mouse events.

The same steps apply to manually adding delays between keystrokes:. Select a Repeat Option for the macro You can use the Command Editor to select a repeat option for your macro.

You can choose from three repeat options: NoneWhile Pressedand Toggle. Mouse events example In this example, we will create a double-click macro to better understand how mouse events work.

Mouse events and keystrokes with delay example In this example, we will set up a macro to open the Device Manager to get acquainted with keystrokes and delays. Check our Logitech Warranty here. Welcome to Logitech Support. Getting started with a keyboard or gaming mouse in Automatic Game Detection mode Getting started with a gaming mouse in On-Board Memory mode Add mouse events to a macro Add keystrokes to a macro Add delays to a macro Select a Repeat Option for the macro Mouse events example Mouse events and keystrokes with delay example Getting started with a keyboard or gaming mouse in Automatic Game Detection mode Make sure your gaming mouse or keyboard is connected using the supplied USB cable.

If you have a wireless gaming mouse, make sure your device is charged and the USB receiver is securely connected to a USB port. If applicable, make sure the mouse or keyboard is set to Automatic Game Detection.

In the Profiles box, select a profile that you want to create macros for. NOTE: Left and right mouse buttons can only be customized after their respective functions are assigned to other keys on the mouse.


In the left pane of the Command Editor window, select the Multi Key tab. In the Name box, give your macro a unique name that will help you to identify it. Select your gaming mouse and navigate to the Home tab. Make sure the mouse is set to On-Board Memory.

Click on the Customize on-board profile icon at the bottom of the screen. Select the Multikey Macro tab from the left-hand pane of the Command Editor window.

Add mouse events to a macro Right-click anywhere in the Keystrokes section of the Command Editor and hover over Insert mouse Event. NOTE: Although you can add separate button up and down events, it is recommended to add them both one after the other. Otherwise, the macro will execute as if the button is held down. You can select multiple events by dragging the mouse while holding the left click button. Once your macro is complete, click OK.

Keyboard macros must contain at least one key press. The OK button remains grayed out until your macro meets this requirement.

NOTE: If you opened the Command Editor from the Commands pane on a keyboard or mouse in Automatic Game Detection mode, you'll need to drag the macro from the Commands list onto a mouse button or keyboard key in the Customize buttons window. See also Mouse events example.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

Install Steam. Store Page. Rust Store Page. Global Achievements. That1guy View Profile View Posts. If you use Logitech Gaming Software to create any type of macro, Easy anti cheat will ban your account. Showing 1 - 15 of 27 comments. This is nothing new Last edited by Ting Ting ; 8 Jan, pm. A cheat is anything used to give you an unfair advantage over other players that is not in the game by default, using a macro is cheating and thats why you or your "friend" was banned, good to see the anti cheat works though.

Originally posted by snavis :. Originally posted by Pashtet America Slayer :. Sure I attempted to program an anti recoil script into my mouse. Didn't get it working and never used on an "official server". Got banned at am along with 15 other people with no reports or indication of why. This is a PSA not a defense. I am letting you all know. I thought chinese propoganda was bad. Cheats, gets banned, gets mad about being banned Lmao. Guys macros aren't cheating they just make me shoot every gun in the game as fast as possible :.

Here is a link for you to check. I have 4k hours.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Anyone know if there's a way to make a macro to hold down w and another one to hold w and shift so I can auto walk and fly in single player?

Because I find myself spending so much time travelling that I'm restricted in base locations when I play new games, and it gets tediuous flying and running around the maps. Last edited by The Dark Fae ; 23 Oct, pm.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 27 comments. Seftak View Profile View Posts. Auto Macro Recorder, i use it for Wurm. But if the game detects it and ban you, it's on you.

Evolvei View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Evolvei :. Cobretti View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Seftak :. G Keys at bottom. Right click the Ark game you set up at the top of LGS. Choose scripting. Paste If you want a different G key simply change the 1 to the key you want to use. Last edited by Evolvei ; 24 Oct, am. If you're using Logitech, just set 1 of the G buttons to W keystroke with repeat options to toggle.

Edit the delay to what works best for you. It will only be active on the profile you right clicked to get to scripting at the top of LGS.

I meant the M1, M2 and M3 profiles. I have the G keys set to a few different things for other tasks, and hoped it would just be on M3 for example. All good if not, this has already helped heaps, just want to check this last thing before moving around all my whistles and stuff XD. I think it is persistent through the M keys, not positive. Hope it helps.

Last edited by CaptRyder ; 24 Oct, am.Logitech G HUB gives you a single portal for optimizing and customizing all your supported Logitech G gear: mice, keyboards, headsets, speakers, and webcams. Configure your mouse, including the optical sensor, DPI settings, scroll and acceleration, button programming, and onboard memory. Set up your keyboard with macro-ready G Keys, remap individual keys, configure multi-key bindings, or create intricate macros. Set custom EQ and surround preferences, per game profile.

Assign headset-mounted G Keys for faster, more precise play.

How to make a fast clicking macro: Logitech G502

Create camera and video profiles. Settings are stored and applied on startup. Switch profiles on the fly. G HUB recognizes your supported Logitech G gear, and gives you full access to their customization features.

It automatically keeps firmware up to date.

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Choose features, assign macros and key binding, create color breaks and animations, all with a simple, intuitive interface. Now you can save multiple character profiles within your games and switch on the fly. So the powers and abilities you need are always available. Download profiles from your fellow players, gaming pros and popular streamers. Program buttons with in-app actions and create your own macros to launch media and switch scenes. Use your gaming gear to take command of OBS Studio for a faster and more seamless stream.

There are multiple ways for you to learn more about G Hub. You can find more information in our manualor watch this quick overview. However, creating an account enables features like cloud saves and the ability to download community content. The Default profile cannot be deleted. How can I delete an auto-loaded game or application from the list of profiles? The application and all its profiles and related macros will be deleted.

If the game or application is still installed, you can disable profile switching.My emails were responded to promptly and all my questions were answered thoroughly and with patience.

I usually plan all my trips myself but it was so nice to let Irja know what I wanted and let her do all the tedious planning and booking. It was really amazing and our trip completely lived up to our expectations. I feel like a spoiled traveler now because Irja took a lot of the travel planning headache away from me and she did a really great job.

We really appreciated the complimentary upgrades too. Just wanted to say we had a really lovely time on our 'grand tour' of the Highlands and Islands.

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We hadn't realised how many mountains Scotland had. And how beautiful the scenery. All our accommodation was great. Thanks for organising it. I booked this trip within 3 weeks of our arrival during the height of the summer season in Iceland.

Thank you!

Since it was a self-driving tour, I was not sure if it would be worth it given the price. I did not have time to research nor to book hotels, nor did I know what was realistic as I had been able to research options. With it all arranged by Margret Wendt, the stops highlighted and the book, it made it very easy to see many sights in a day and piece of mind to know we had a place to stay. From our first encounter with Margret, she captured all the details and requirements for us, which she summarized back in an email, then crafted a great tour on short notice.

We were able to spend our time touring and experiencing everything (12-14 hours each day) rather than on the internet researching and stress of trying to find accommodations. So much to see ,so be sure to plan a lot of days if you are active and want to include additional activities (i. When we needed assistance, change of plans or had questions, the Nordic team was responsive and helpful any time and any day. Very easy to find contact info. The hosts at each location were incredibly welcoming and made our stay wonderful.

Our contact at Nordic Visitor, Christoph, was thorough and helpful in accommodating needs for our trip and was a great help in planning the trip. I am thrilled to use Nordic Visitor for my Scandinavian travels. This was our third tour using the company and I can't rave enough about how great the trips have been.

I recommend Nordic Visitor to all friends and colleagues interested in traveling to supported countries. Excellent communication with our advisor.

All the documents were very professionally produced and extremely helpful in providing us with the best advice regarding routes and attractions. Generally a seamless experience.

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I would highly recommend Nordic Visitor for those planning self drive tours in Iceland. This trip was above and beyond. I'm not used to being on a guided tour, but I was pleasantly surprised. The next trip I do, I would probably prefer a private tour, but either way this trip to Iceland was amazing. Iceland is not only a wonderful country to tour with friendly people but the services and detailed personal itinerary provided by Nordic Visitor, made our visit one of those lifelong memorable occasions.

The spiral bound notebook and vouchers were great. I wish the large book could have been made available before the trip as didn't want to spend the trip reading up on the various sites, but would have liked to have that information prior to coming to Iceland.

The gps unit provided with the rental car was rather dated and difficult to use.Installation was as easy as 1,2,3 and operations ran smoothly on my website. This was really easy to install and will help massively with handling customer returns. So far I haven't had any returns.

So easy to customise and set up, everything is done for you.

Logitech Gaming Software Anti Afk Macro

Definitely makes the returns process simple. Great awesome app- didn't understand the bit about google and the video will have to contact support about that. Aftership has put the ease, efficiency, and effectiveness into our return center.

This app has helped us reduce cost, bu. I love using AfterShip, it's a great app and i recommend this to all E commerce Owners, the way it manages my tracking d. Shopify gets the job done by default, but if you would like to take. Very useful application for my site. Awesome app for organizing retur.

Very pleased with shipping visibility and oversight controls all in one dashboard. Also, the integration with Judge. How easy to install and configure the app.

There is no coding required. I had done test return and it was so easy and wo. Aftership has work great for our store. The tracking updates help the customers know where their special cat products ar. This app has absolutely revolutionized our returns process.

Rather than going through the back and forth via email, this. Works well, a little bit confuse on set up instructions, but after that, simply my life.Thank you for making our honeymoon stress free. We will use you again in the future. Everything was quiet perfect, the receptions on the hotels, the bedrooms, and the places you recommended to see.

As I said before the standard of accommodation was excellent as the rental car.

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The standards of the meals were good. The itinerary was excellent (we loved Heimaey, especially the hotel). Well, we were a bit surprised (positively) because we didn't have any references at all about your services (we knew about your travel agency by google), and we can say that if we return to a nordic country maybe it will be using the services of Nordic Visitor. The only thing we are disappointed is to never knew the person that make this perfect travel organization. But still thank you for all.

I was initially skeptical of what kind of service we were going to be getting, but everything, top to bottom, was very professional and well put together. We didn't have much communication with Dagny, but after having met her in person, we felt like we could ask anything of her.

We were really regretful that we didn't get to visit the Nordic Visitor office on our last day to give a video review, and to thank her in person. Have already recommended NV once from our Iceland trip and will absolutely recommend again. Christoph was also wonderful- did a fantastic job in customizing the trip for us (combination of 2 trips), and was also quick to respond and communicate via email. We will definitely book again- the only negative is that the time went by too quickly.

We have just arrived back from a most memorable and enjoyable trip which you organised for us. Right from the beginning of our email correspondence, we have been impressed by the quality, dedication and effort you have put into making our tour of Scotland enjoyable.

Thank you for going beyond what I would normally expect. The tour and the associated paperwork and maps which you arranged were all marvellous and a good representation of Scotland. Whilst I thought that two days on Skye would be far too long, it was just right.

Thank you again for your assistance and I shall endeavour through trip advisor and friends to spread the word about your wonderful company. Nordic appear to be professional, aware of the best locations to visit and stay.


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