Rwby watches death battle naruto vs ichigo

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Rwby watches death battle naruto vs ichigo

The point of the show is to take two similar characters and pit them against each other, analyzing their respective strengths and weaknesses to see who would winsimilar to Deadliest Warrior. So far, there are videos.

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The first 18 episodes were featured exclusively on ScrewAttack 's YouTube account, and starting with episode 19 the series is now posted to the redesigned screwattack. There is a recap page, as well as a Best Episode Crowner page. The show has a number of spinoffs.

rwby watches death battle naruto vs ichigo

First came 1 Minute Meleeenvisioned as just the fight animations with no research thus the winner decided purely through Author Appeal. Due to "undisclosed mismanagement" One Minute Melee has split off to its own publisher Hyun's Dojo ; as such Screwattack hopes to revive the concept under the title DBX short for "Death Battle Exhbitions"which aired a pilot alongside Death Battle 's season 3 premiere.

The Desk of Death Battleon the other hand, doesn't involve two characters engaged in battle, but covers bits of trivia about characters discovered by the Death Battle researchers that wasn't presented in their episode.

In Season 4 of DBX, the spinoff was revamped. It introduced Ringmaster, who would host the fights by announcing the fighters and providing quick info on them.

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The fights themselves were each given two different endings that had each fighter victorious. The week before each fight, the viewers can vote on which fighter they would like to win. The fighter who has the highest percentage of votes has their ending publicly released on Rooster Teeth and YouTube. Also with a character sheet for the combatants and hostsas well as an episode list.

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The official Twitter can be found here and the official Facebook can be found here. Have an idea for a matchup? You can suggest it here. After supersizing himself to overcome a black hole created by Thanos, Darkseid initiates round two with the Mad Titan also increasing his size to even the odds.

Example of: Behemoth Battle. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick. Wizard: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.

Otherwise, they cannot know each other's movesets.Author's Note: Hey guys what's going on? Sorry for the long wait on this one. Is chapter is the longest one so far given that I made up my first story involving RWBY's morning and afternoon routine.

rwby watches death battle naruto vs ichigo

As well as I made my first fight scene. I also been getting told in the comments how their was spelling and grammar errors so I took the time to make sure I have less errors if not none. So yeah, quality does take time. Same as the other writers who like to make sure their stories a written well.

As well as Youtubers that take the time to edit their videos. Do you have any idea how long it takes to make an actual video? Not the ones where people just record it on their phones. I'm talking about videos where people use video cams that they buy at best buy or something, as well as come up with a script, research, edit and all that stuff. Especially when they are doing it all by themselves. Well writers on fanfic don't have that problem but some of us prefer to take measures.

I do a bit of research as well when making reactions. Again, I said I publish post as quickly as possible.

I was able to get the Ryu VS Scorpion chapter posted in less than a week but that won't always be the case as other chapters are longer than it. I finally watched RWBY vol. So much that the series kind of lost some of it's fire to me. To be honest with you guys, if I had saw vol. Luckily for you guys I decided to wait for the DVD release. I am kind of hoping vol.Author's Note: Hello everybody body, sorry about the two months wait when I said I would have this chapter posted in a month.

My laptop pretty much just decided to break on me so I had a 'little' trouble working on this chapter. I said a little cause I thought this means my progress was lost. I'm sure the readers can wait…. Of course I would have to get a new laptop first that is.

But luckily I was able to save my progress on a cloud drive and pick up where I left off. I didn't even know I did that. When I found it on my email account, I felt like the angels were singing and I didn't have to start the chapter all over again. The problem was, the only place that I was able to finish this chapter and have it uploaded was at the library, and each day they only allow two hours per day to use. You know, I'm not sure if epicvictory did tell us what made him decide to start.

Maybe the idea just popped into his head and thought why not. Maybe it's a deep complex reason as to why he started this fic. Me however, hmm…. First off, what exactly made epicvictory's RWBY watches Death Battle a hit enough to get over a thousand comments before he took it down despite the "rules of the website"? Well, lets look at RWBY by itself. Why did he make them just strong enough to fight and slay grimm and nothing more?

If I'm gonna guess, he probably wants to make them relatable as people like us who go through struggles and trials. And the only thing that is keeping them from being as vulnerable as us is the concept of aura that he created.

With people saying that they are just nothing without their aura protection them and even go as far as to say if Spider-Man can take down the sinister six all by himself, he can solo team RWBY. Then when you add fanfiction crossovers into the mix, most of the time RWBY characters gets put on the short end of the power table when characters from different series gets thrown into the RWBY story with abilities beyond what RWBY characters can imagine.

To me, it feels like those stories are for the sake of making RWBY look weak in the power scale.

Ichigo Kurosaki vs. Naruto Uzumaki

Yes I know some writers make those stories to see their favorite characters interact with each other in a made up story. But still, RWBY almost all the time are on the receiving end of the one sided fight treatment. Even when some writers nerf the inserted character. Remember in the Godzilla vs Gamera chapter when of RWBY watches Death Battle when the writer had Blake say this about Godzilla, "If this guy ever came to Remnant, none of us, and everyone else, including the military of Atlas would stand a chance.

He would just obliterate Remnant and all the grimm with it. Godzilla comes in, demolishes a city, sweeps aside the Atlas military like they are nothing and put all of Remnant in a state of fear and despair. The writers of those stories had no problem making RWBY characters go from being heroes that slay the creatures of grimm like it's an everyday thing for them to becoming as helpless as the people they are trying to protect when facing beings like Godzilla and Cthulhu.Author's Note: Alright.

Before we get started, I would like to share my response about the comments you guess made of complaining about how I took out "That Man" joke in the Ragna vs Sol Badguy episode. You guys noticed how the research left out a lot of the lore for both the analysis and I thought that should be fixed. When Wiz specifically said, "When this person was born, his parents looked at this child and decided to name him, 'That Man'", then finding out that his real birth name was Asuka R.

Kreuz as I was researching, I thought Death Battle was just being lazy on the research instead making so it was suppose to be a joke. Also it shouldn't be that big of a deal. Its not like the jokes that Death Battle makes are the main purpose of these debate videos. I don't know about you but personally, when I watch Death Battle, I watch them to see who would win in a fight and a good enough fight scene. No body should watch them just for the jokes. Thats like watching a Star Wars movie just for the acting.

I admit the jokes are good too but I just felt like that line in the analysis needed to be fixed. So for this episode, you'll notice some changes here too. I was gonna leave this episode the way it is because I didn't have a problem with it but someone PM'd me and convinced me otherwise. Rather not spoil too much so I'll talk more about that after the chapter.

Also I would like to ask, is there a way to translate fics that are written in a different language?

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Cause their are some fics that seem interesting but unfortunately they are in a different language. Does any one now something that they could recommend to me or something? I guess thats it for now. Gaara belongs to Ruby was finished putting the next Death Battle episode and pressed the play button while Weiss finished her list but was deep in thought about a certain anti-hero and how he made certain references that involved her, her friends as well as Remnant.

She was trying to piece it together. It wasn't just from his recent visit but also the things he said when he first came. Normally she would think what he said is just absurd and not even worth looking into sounding like it all doesn't make any bit of sense. Especially when it was coming from some aloof, seemingly crazy mercenary. But if what he said is true, either all of these combatants that they have been seeing really do exist in some way, or they are living in a reality where they truly believe it is all real but this is just some parallel universe created off of an idea and what there purpose in this universe is suppose to be.

How come no one else has thought of this? Let alone her teammates who have also met him! The heiress' deep philosophy was interrupted when the next episode started playing. So far RWBY have been fascinated by all these characters ranging from ones that have weapons that make them a one man army causing Ruby to fangirl just from looking at them to characters with abilities that would take around ten or more Huntsmen to equal that power.

This match up made the four huntresses in training interested as well. These two characters would probably be able to perform moves and techniques that even Hunters and Huntresses who have mastered applying earth dust in their fighting style wouldn't be able to do. Those two don't seem to have anything in common but it was still a cool fight.I can kind of understand why you dislike it cause some of you didn't just say you hated it but at least told why.

Unlike a few who made flaming negative comments like the average angry gamer which I ended up deleting cause there was no need to be that pissed. But anyway, you were kind of jumping too far ahead with your opinions of saying I should stop or how I'm ruining this fic if I'm just gonna keep changing things from the actual Death Battle. First off, you do know that this is a website where people can do what ever they want with their stories right?

Most fics feature stories from animes, movies and other types of media that get changed from how they were 'supposed to go' from the actual story.

I could name fifty fics with stories that get changed to have a different outcome. How is this any different?

rwby watches death battle naruto vs ichigo

Second, it has only been five episodes from where I picked up and only two of them were switched up. Now the reason why changed the Gaara vs Toph episode outcome is well Now we can all agree with how poorly they've explained Ragna and Sol's backstory in that episode.

Leaving a lot of unanswered questions in the lore of Blazblue and Guilty Gear. Even Doctor Snivy had them explained instead of having Night Raid left in the dark in his react fiction.

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Well maybe I didn't wanna feel like I'm ripping off Doctor Snivy's ideas. Plus this Death Battle episode was the one that got me into Blazblue and liking Ragna as a character. I also ended up adding in all that extra info because I wanted RWBY to notice how the world of Blazblue and Guilty Gear have a lot in common with their world.

So I went into more depth with their stories and abilities and the lore so RWBY will become more fascinated with them instead of seeing them as just two strong characters that Screwattack made them out to look like.

I didn't have Ruby like Ragna just because he is a red wearing scythe wielder too. Same with other youtubers with how they have to record, edit and add effects. So I just thought that I can add in more info since this is fanfiction. So those things that I ended up adding in may not have happened in the actual Death Battle but it is still canon from the game's story that RWBY will find interesting.

Now I was gonna keep the Gaara VS Toph episode the same but seeing how I fixed the info Ragna the Bloodegde and Sol Badguy, I was asked by book lover reader if I could do the same with this episode saying that Screwattack got Gaara's story mixed up a bit and he should have won and Screwattack got their research wrong.

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Granted I wouldn't know if Gaara would really win in a fight against Toph cause I don't watch Naruto so I wouldn't have a problem keeping the episode the way it is. But book lover reader told me how Screwattack left out like half of his abilities and nerfed his speed and told me what episodes of Naruto I should watch to see what Gaara is fully capable of.

Not only that but book lover reader gave me an understanding of the power extent of the Naruto verse and where Gaara fits in in the power scale and compare that to the Avatar verse compres. After seeing and understang the reasoning, I finally realized maybe Screwattack was wrong. I was like, "Wait a minute, how come all of these jutsus were not used?

How is Toph able to keep up with this kind of speed when that speed was never achieved by any one in Avatar?

rwby watches death battle naruto vs ichigo

How is Toph able to counter that? Now in case you think that I'm trying to throw book lover reader under the bus for him being the one to ask me to do this, he noticed all the negative comments himself and messaged me his thoughts for you guys to read so here is what he wants to say to you all. I am the one who talked with Red Dusk and informed him that I thought that the original fight was wrong and needed to be changed. I informed him about the stuff he needed to know about Gaara and what Death Battle got wrong as well as inform him about Gaara's abilities and feats.

I noticed that many of the ones who reacted negatively mainly thought that by changing the result it was unfair, unjust, disrespectful along with other nonsense.

Here is what I think of their arguments. When something is trash why show any respect to it. They completely half assed Gaara and pretty much everything about him such as messing up his backstory or abilities. They completely screwed Gaara over so why show respect when none was shown to him.The majority votes on my poll is closed and it's decided, now I'm including this and the remastered fight. Now to those who doesn't want this to be included because of how badly Screwattack did in their research on this one, I know it's bad I get it, but it's not a Death Battle reaction story if there are episodes that are skipped.

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And if you still have some problems of reading or watching this match, then don't read it anyways and wait for the next match. This is my story and those who support my decision of including this agrees to it. And please don't make any negative comments if you're a huge Naruto fan, I'm doing this for fun and entertainment for making Night Raid and the others reaction to all the fighters they seen so far.

And to book lover reader, I understand your furious but everyone wanted this to be included but I'm doing this for fun and nothing else to earn any negative from you or anyone else. Anyways either be enjoy or be disappointed. Everyone waited before Tatsumi, Mine, Leone, Chelsea, Cosmina, Dorothea, Mez and Suzuka came back as they have their clothes ruffled up and were covered in sweat.

Tatsumi looked all spent up and the girls were all bright and happy as they took their seats. No one even dared to ask before they got things organized and before for the next episode as Chelsea grabbed the remote and pressed play and everyone got a good old advertisement from SquareSpace before the introduction starts.

Then the scene changed to the two fighters from earlier as they manipulated all the earthly elements around them. Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle. The first fighter is a young man in his late teens wearing a red robe with a vest, black pants and shinobi sandels.

He has red spiky hair and pale blue empty eyes with black rings around his eyes, he also has a red kanji on the right side of his forehead meaning 'Love'. The unique feature he has is the large gourd he has on his back as he can manipulate large amounts of sound with hand gestures to crush anyone or use it as a shield.

Wiz: Gaara of the Desert is a short, skinny, pale, stick of a kid, but he's also one of the deadliest shinobi in the world. And I have a bad feeling about it.

Wiz: Born prematurely at the cost of his mother's life, Gaara was destined for a childhood of depression and loneliness from the get-go. Now everyone were sad at this. As Gaara lost his mother at birth and lived a life of isolation while his father was taking care of his village. Boomstick: Not even a minute old and already has a kill under his belt. Though, technically he had a little help. You see You know what would be awesome?This is set to become an actual Death Battle.

Ichigo Kurosaki vs. Bleach VS Naruto! Where it will meet a decisive end, once and for all! The Quincy with Shinigami powers vs.

Wiz: For over 10 years, these two have been fighting out in their respective manga and anime, however, today we are going to decide once and for all which of these two reigns supreme. Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win Wiz: The world of Bleach is certainly normal when first looking at it, nothing overly special about it, but truth be told, spirits roamed Karakura Town, and no one knew that these were the souls of the deceased freely romaning the earth.

Boomstick: All except for one teenager, who seemed to be one of the only people who could, no really, he'd even beat you up if you're being disrespectful to a resting place! Boomstick: Now where have I seen this guy before, black clothes, that voice Wiz: In the dub, yes, but turns out, Ichigo has an inherit awareness of his spirtiual surroundings, which is why he's able to talk with all these spirits whereas no ordinary person can, and things were about to jump start when he found the Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki in his bedroom.

Boomstick: This chick showed up, in his bedroom, almost sounds like she's there for different reasonsbut hey, Rukia basically used her sword, thrusted it inside Ichigo, and when he was finished, he was a fucking Soul Reaper! Wiz: Having absorbed almost all of her power, Ichigo went from a normal teenager to a Substitute Soul Reaper, but even with the title of Substitute, Ichigo was powerful, so powerful in fact, his sword swings could cleave through Hollows with ease.

Wiz: The first is his larger weapon, meant to represent his Hollow and Soul Reaper side of himself, as both of his parents had a connection to Hollows and Soul Reapers respectively. Boomstick: The second and shorter weapon, more like a knife, reflects the Quincy side of Ichigo, and together, these two blades make up Ichigo's main weapon, perfect for when you need to chop up your foes, or if you need to make a wicked sandwich!

Wiz: A Soul Reaper's duty is to pass on the spirits of the dead onto the Soul Society, basically heaven. Boomstick: If this is what Heaven is supposed to look like, it sucks, because I can't sit in the cloudshave an infinite amount of beer and chill out with god himselfI don't think Soul Society is supposed to be heaven. But sadly we haven't seen him do it since the reconstruction of his sword.

Cue Sakkaku. Boomstick: Like a true Saiyan! Aizen's regeneration made him nearly fucking invincible, he just kept fighting and winning every single damn time! Boomstick: And thankfully Ichigo regained his powers before too long, and he was back at it, being a fucking badass as usual, becoming a True Soul Reaper, and releasing his True Shiaki. Cue Quincy's Craft. Boomstick: But even though he hasn't had his fated battle with Yhwach yet, Ichigo is still one hell of a badass, we're talking about a guy who crashes into a building as he lands and still surprises his opponents.

Wiz: When fighting the likes of Sternritter P, Ichigo was punched through several buildings, and he got right back up and shrugged it off, and he managed to defeat the most powerful member of the Espada, Ulquiorra Cifer!

Boomstick: He's fast enough to avoid a gun being fired when it's right on his head, and he's strong enough to grab and overwhelm Aizen and Juda, two extremely powerful anatagonists.


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