Wattpad book deals

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Wattpad book deals

Wattpad has over 40 Million Readers. Wattpad can be an excellent marketing tool if you know how to use it. In May ofmy niece asked me to post one of my stories on Wattpad so she could read it. I had never heard of Wattpad before, and I had never published my books anywhere.

wattpad book deals

I had no idea what I was doing, but she wanted to read my stuff so I obliged. I threw together a book cover, wrote a book blurb, and slapped chapter 1 of The Bed She Made on my new Wattpad author profile. Something crazy happened.

People other than my niece started finding the story, liking it, and commenting on it. In a month it had around 10, reads. Pshhh…I was in online marketing first, people. When initially publishing The Martian, self-publishing king Andy Weir said, he would have given the book away for free if he could have.

Fast forward a couple of years and we can see just how well the tactic worked for him. Wattpad gives you another platform to give your book away for free.

To get it in front of people. To have it noticed. One of the biggest challenges you will face as a self-published author is proving to the world that you can write. The best way to do that is give your initial work away as often as you can. Learn how I got over 9K followers in less than a year and over a million reads on Wattpad with my very first book. Get the 1 piece of advice from some of the superstars of Wattpad!

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wattpad book deals

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wattpad book deals

Sold by: Amazon. Previous Page 1 2 Kindle Deals Homepage The Kindle Deals homepage helps you discover great deals in our expansive collection of ebooks.To vote on existing books from the list, beside each book there is a link vote for this book clicking it will add that book to your votes. To vote on books not in the list or books you couldn't find in the list, you can click on the tab add books to this list and then choose from your books, or simply search.

Discover new books on Goodreads. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. These books started off as free Wattpad books. After dominating the website, the writers published them for the real deal. Kirsty Moseley Goodreads Author. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Kristel Juurik Goodreads Author. Ali Novak Goodreads Author. Isabelle Rae. Natasha Preston Goodreads Author.

Beth Reekles Goodreads Author. Brittany Geragotelis Goodreads Author. Tijan Goodreads Author. Cathy Octo Goodreads Author.Serialized novels were popularised by Victorian novelists such as Charles Dickens.

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Today, free online tools enable anyone to do it — and reach an audience. But would you do it for free? What if it lead to a million hits and a two-book deal with HarperCollins? Emily Benet tells us how she used Wattpad as a launchpad, and shares her top tips for success. That was the request that landed in my in-box back in The email came from a content manager at Wattpad. I had posted a couple of short stories there and they had seen from my profile that I had been published before.

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They were looking for decent novels for their Featured section. Their promo pack informed me of their ten million monthly readers and the proof was in the hundreds of thousands of hits their Featured novels had. Imagine having that many people read your work? The request suddenly seemed a tiny bit appealing. I also reasoned that I had been writing novels for free since I was 11; that I was currently stuck in the middle of a novel no one had expressed interest in; and committing to producing a chapter a week might actually be good for me.

After that I could do what I wanted with it. My philosophy is Say Yes, Worry Later. I wrote like mad for four months, posting two chapters a week.

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The thousands of comments encouraged me to keep on going and the feedback even influenced my plot and made me see things through the eyes of the readers. One of her life hacks is to go to whacky art gallery openings for free wine with best friend Farrell.

One evening she stares at a stuffed, green chicken on display and thinks: I could do this. Enter drop-dead gorgeous gallery promoter and a bunch of unlikely friends to help and hinder her crazy idea to unleash spray painted bananas across the capital. There are a growing number of authors who have had success on Wattpad, and both agents and publishers are keeping their eye out for talent.

Writing a novel is high risk if your aim is to make money. Oh, and write, a lot. Emily Benet is a half Welsh - half Spanish Londoner, currently living on the beautiful island of Mallorca. Wherever she's lived her passion for writing has followed. Her debut book Shop Girl Diaries began as a blog about working in her Mum's eccentric chandelier shop. Her second book, a romantic comedy called The Tempalso began its life online, as a serialised novel on Wattpad and racked up two million hits under its original title Spray Painted Bananas.

She blogs at www. Thank you so much for this article, I wanted to firstly congratulate you on your success-it was well deserved! I am currently in the middle of writing my debut romance novel. I am all for the idea of putting my book out there to read for free, but do you recommend doing any editing first or should I just put it up and see what feedback I get? Also I completed a novel earlier this year that I no longer wanted to publish, as I started getting lost with the story and it no longer aligned with the type of writing I wanted to be known for.

Would you recommend I post that up anyway to get my name out there? We're talking about Room to Write — Isabel Losada writes narrative nonfiction anywhere and everywhere 10 essential books for writers 5 things you need to know about agency agreements 10 Twitter hashtags for writers Traditional or indie?

Hybrid author Nick Spalding looks at publishing from both sides 10 ways to use LinkedIn to find a publishing job Why weddings can be murder for Val McDermid Print on demand for self-published authors 10 golden rules for work experience 10 marketing tips for self-published authors 7 ways to use small thinking to achieve your writing goal Brexit: What does it mean for the publishing industry?

Front Cover.Skip navigation! The future of entertainment will be written by young women on their phones. And the future is already here. It was made for its enormous, pre-existing fanbase. Droves of fans armed with Hessa stan accounts and blog posts about the After experience turned up to the movie in theaters the world.

After opened at number one in 17 countries and is the top-grossing indie movie of to date. A sequel has been announced. So that meant Wattpad mega-stars like year-old Leigh Ansel l led double lives. Ansell, who lives in the U. In high school, she was both an author with millions of fans and a high schooler whose classmates had no idea she was an Internet-famous author. I was just writing for fun.

How To Write A Book On Your Phone & Get 1 Billion Readers & A Movie Deal

Inyear-old Isabelle Ronin reached a similarly unexpected career breakthrough, thanks to Wattpad. Her Wattpad romance, Chasing Redwas picked up by the publisher Sourcebooks.

Immediately after getting the call from Wattpad — which she first thought was a scam — Ronin called her family to spill two secrets. Not only was she a writer, but her book would soon be available in stores. For Ronin, whose family immigrated to Canada from the Philippines when she was 11, it was an emotional reveal.

You know, parents just want you to be okay. I was expected to graduate, get married, have kids. I thought that was a dream for a while. Now, Ronin is a full-time writer. For many authors, that immediate and in-depth feedback to barely edited work sounds like a nightmare. You hope the publisher puts money behind the marketing and publicity campaign.Podcast: Download Duration: — Social media is great for finding fans of you, but what about fans of your writing?

Wattpad might be a great option to try. I'm excited about that as I have two books out in German this year — Pentecost and Desecration.

The podcast is sponsored by Kobo Writing Lifewhich helps authors self-publish and reach readers in global markets through the Kobo eco-system. You can also subscribe to the Kobo Writing Life podcast for interviews with successful indie authors. Ashleigh Gardner is the Head of Content at Wattpad. For more information, check out Wattpad's year in review with the highlights.

Do you have any questions on Wattpad? Or do you already use Wattpad and can share your experience and tips? Please leave a comment or question below. I have found it extremely valuable in building a fan base and it has helped sell books, but it has also been extremely enjoyable. Hi, I love wattpad!!!!

I feel so stupid for asking this, I commented on a story and the author said to private message her, is that possible??? If so, how?

Great E-book Deals

Hope I helped! To be honest I never used Wattpad. In a few months I will promote my first ebook. I wanted to know if a person could include short stories around 5, words. I have seen many authors do this. At the end of the story to include a link so readers to order my book. Any suggestions? Is there any way to promote it other than interacting with other people in the site? Of course I understand the whole point is the social media aspect, otherwise the thing lies there like a potato….

I love wattpad. I have been writing my first book on it for the past week. It is called The Call. I do have a question. If I post a story on Wattpad, can I later take it down and publish it? U mean that I can publish a book on Wattpad, and I can still publish it later with a publishing company? I have recently completed my first novel, an 85, word espionage thriller. I am planning to publish on Wattpad as one way to market my debut novel.

Just this week I discovered you novel A Day in Budapest on that site. My question now is how does one format for publication on Wattpad.This app has a free trial. Leave comments on stories and discuss the newest plot twists! What's new you ask? Now you can write stories in the app.

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You can now see inline media in stories you're reading. We got rid of some of those pesky little bugs you reported. I am just addicted to Wattpad. I started in late I believe and haven't stopped using it since! This used to be a great app for FREE books, but now, there making us pay for books. What happened to 'free books you'll love'?

Wattpad Beta next sucks, and I don't like it at all. I understand you want them to have recognition but like you have ads in between chapters for them to get paid. People want kids to read more and you're making us pay for books when it litterally said FREE books and stories. I absolutly hate Wattpad beta next. This app is going downhill. People loved this app before you had to pay for it.

A bunch of the good books cost money now and not everyone can afford to pay for it. Some people love to read but don't have to money to pay to buy a book so they look for a free writing app.

I can't login in Wattpad. I hope the developer can fix the error. Every time I try to get in, I have to log in constantly, then it encounters an error.

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It's annoying and this hasn't happened before, until I left and got on another Wi-Fi access then when I came back home, it was doing that.

Please fix this quickly, I just want to read and write. Personally I only have up to 3 problems. Randomly closing - it does this after reading a book for a while. It sends me to my phone's screen. Much different to the opposing and appealing android layout.


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